A Slow Descent Into Madness

I was going about my life like most people: perfectly happy, overweight, overworked, stressed and with a life expectancy right around 49.

Then I ran into the kind of guy mother always warned against: a biker.
… and things took a turn for the worse.

It started as it always does … with casual consumption. Would you like to go for a ride? It can’t hurt can it? Just ONE ride … I’ll know when to stop. Then of course there was a second ride.

There were several more.

Quickly the initial enthusiasm started to fizzle and the rides had to get longer and more intense to get the same effect.

This is the account of what happens to you when you become a biker. It is the chronology of a journey that leaves in its wake thousands of Euros, thousands of kms and thousands of hours spent in the pursuit of the perfect ride on the perfect day on the perfect bike with the perfect form.

Will it ever stop?

2006: Merida … the original sin.
Merida XC Comp from 2004.
Shimano XT / Marvic CrossTrails

2007: Carraro 906A … initiation to road biking
Shimano Dura-Ace / Mavic Cosmic Wheels

2008: Merida Upgrade … now we are getting serious
New Frame, Mavic CrossMax SLR wheels and Rock Shox SID fork

2009: Willier 101 … beyond recovery
Campagnolo Chorus Groupset

2010: Topolino Wheels … pure madness

Mothers, tell your children not to do as I have done. You are warned, don’t take that first ride … unless you are ready for this.