New Girlfriend

Because our relationship is becoming quite serious I think it is a good time to introduce you to my new girlfriend. Her name is CX-1, she comes from the good family Colnago and this is how she looks.

More seriously. Have been riding my new Colnage CX-1 carbon bike for about 4 months now and still enjoying every minute of it! Incredible comfort, stifness and speed. It give me an extra boost of eagerness to get on the bike. There are a few reasons why I choose Colnago:

1. My old bike (now known as “The Mule”) was a Colnage and I rode that bike for 6 yeare fully satisfied wihtout any problems. Of course I did not yet know carbon would make such a big difference.

2. I like the geometry of Colnago bikes. Cannot explain that scientifically, but I do. I like the straight fork and the fact that is not a sloping frame

3. I think a race bike should be Italian 🙂

Reading up on the first test results of the new line of bikes Colnage the result of my choice was then this CX-1. It is a modular monoque carbon frame which is Colnago’s first with a (semi-)integrated headseat.

As said the bike is very stiff but in the mean time incredibly comfortable. It just eats every little bump or hole in the road. The size of the bracket shows where the stiffness comes from.

Very important for that are of course the wheels. Probably the most difficult choice to be made for me. Finally I was advised to go for the Mavic Ksyrium Premium SL. Although not with a high rim (which looks cool), but good quality vs price and they fill nice and stiff.

To top it off I choose for the new Shimano Dura-Ace group. You can’t go wrong with that (also there my expierence with 6 years on Ultegra without any problems helped a lot), it shifts like butter and it just looks great, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to see you guys again on any bike and enjoy the holidays.

Bye Harry