Sortie – Sunday January 11th

Today was brisk!  -10C, and that, I guess is beyond the tolerance level of our Velo Club de Senlis.

I showed up at our beloved departing spot at 9:00 sharp and waited around for 5 minutes but no-one showed up so I took a little ride of my own.  I went into Ermenonville and followed the highway South up to the second bridge, then I turned West, crossed the highway and pedaled into the Chantilly forest to finally come back home through downtown Senlis.

It was more of a Balade then a Moutain Bike Ride, but it felt really good to be pedaling in the middle of the thick snow.  The forest was really white, quiet and sunny and you could see all the animal tracks everywhere.

My beard had a huge icecle hanging off of it and my jacket was full of snow that was produced by my breath.  You should have seen the look of disbelief in people’s faces as I biked through the city center!

In the end I did 15 km in 1 hr and kept the heart rate at 130 the whole time.  Once I got moving the cold was no issue at all as I went slow and the thick snow kept the heart rate high enough to keep me warm.

… I am glad I got out of bed, but it would have been a lot more fun if someone had joined me!!