Sortie VTT 27 Decembre 2009

Take 1:
… having read 4C on the thermometer I closed the gate and confidently started to hop on my bike – blahm – and found my self on all fours skidding down the road … the sheet of ice on the road was so perfectly slippery that I was not able to stop skidding until I was passed my neighbores house.

Take 2:
… well, I guess I will ride on the grass to the RDV point, but wait … as I fell, the deraileur hit the ground, bent, got tangled in the spokes and now the rear wheel is blocked. Never fear … for a member of VCS is always prepared. A couple of yanks with the appropriate allen wrench and the deraileur looked a lot better.

Take 3:
I put one foot on the asphalt to reach for my gloves, which I had dropped on Take 1 and whoopsy down I go again …

Okay, so its going to be one of those days …
It took me a good ten minutes (and two more falls) to cover the single kilometer to the RDV point and to my disappointment there was no was there. I gave my deraileur some more attention and set off towards the Ermenonville forest where I eventually ran into Pascal Laroche and his friend Fred (!).

… and this is how it went:

(this is my first video edit, so please bear with it … )


p.s. Next Sunday, get your lazy asses out of bed!!